Since its founding twelve years ago, CHN’s aim has been to engage a critical mass of Black people in the journey toward emotional emancipation by 2019, the 400th anniversary of the first recorded forced arrival of Africans in the United States, so that, by the year 2020, we as a people will begin to see ourselves in a whole new light.

Our multi-city 2018-2020 Global Truth Campaign and Tour, launched in October 2018, is designed to dramatically increase the number of people of African ancestry who are firmly on the road to emotional emancipation by the end of the year 2020.

CHN is leading the Truth Tour to mobilize Black people to heal from, and end, the trauma caused by centuries of anti-Black racism. Our rallying cry is “Defy the Lie and Embrace the Truth,” and we are equipping Black adults to help Black children “Defy the lie of Black Inferiority and Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity.”

In collaboration with the Association of Black Psychologists, CHN is working to make 2019 the year in which we, people of African ancestry, declare our freedom from the lie. We want to march boldly into the year 2020 with a more perfect vision of ourselves—a vision focused on the truth of our humanity.  

With this international Tour, we are sounding the alarm about the need for healing in Black communities, sharing the resources of our Emotional Emancipation (EE) Circles, and appealing to Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora to put the issue of freedom from the lie at the top of the global African agenda.

Our specific objectives are to:

  1. heighten awareness of the need for emotional healing for people of African ancestry;
  2. invite our sisters and brothers to join us on the journey toward emotional emancipation;
  3. equip them with concrete emotional wellness skills to reduce racial stress and trauma; and
  4. through our evolving online community, provide ongoing support to individuals, and local, national, and international organizations to create a new culture of emotional emancipation, healing, wellness, and empowerment on the Continent and across the Diaspora.

Each Tour stop is unique, with the format negotiated with local leaders and tailored to meet the specific needs of each community. We are grateful for the many local leaders who have reached out to invite us to stop in their cities. We are happy to talk with you about possibilities. Please contact us at

  • New Haven, Connecticut, October 12-14, 2018, Launch of the Truth Tour with a community workshop on Clearing the Way for Black Children to Flourish, a Community Healer Awards reception, and Breathe, Baby, Breathe, an Emotional Emancipation Circle retreat.
  • Kingston, Jamaica, November 12-13, 2018, An Emotional Emancipation (EE) Circle Training of Members of the Caribbean Alliance of Psychological Associations
  • Los Angeles, California, March 5, 2019, An Emotional Emancipation Circle Training of Social Workers and Community Partners
  • Los Angeles, California, May 4, 2019, LA Community Coalition
  • Rochester, New York, May 31, June 1 and 2, 2019, A community workshop on Clearing the Way for Black Children to Flourish, a Community Healer Awards reception, and Breathe, Baby, Breathe, an Emotional Emancipation Circle Training of Facilitators, Danforth Community Center
  • Pasadena, California, June 3 and 4, 2019, Breathe, Baby, Breathe: An Emotional Emancipation Circles Training of Facilitators, Pacific Oaks College
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, June 2019. Dates and details to be announced.
  • Baltimore, Maryland, Defy the Lie Day, June 22, 2019. This Tour stop is being rescheduled. More information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.
  • Richmond, Virginia, August 20, 21, and 22, Part 1 of CHN’s 2019 Valuing Black Lives Global Emotional Emancipation Summit.  Location to be announced. We will honor our ancestors by making a decisive break away from the lie—and begin charting a future free of the lie. registration for the Global Summit has closed.


Baltimore, MD, June 2020. Location to be announced;
and the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ghana: Dates and locations to be announced.

To invest in the Global Truth Campaign and Tour and the global grassroots movement for the emotional emancipation of Black people, please donate here.

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