Enola G. Aird, the founder and president of Community Healing Network, Inc., is a lawyer and activist mother.

She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Barnard College and received her law degree from Yale University, where she chaired the Yale Moot Court of Appeals. After many years of corporate law practice, Enola left the workforce to devote her time to her children and learned first-hand the extent to which mothering is devalued in American culture. This experience led her away from the practice of law to a new vocation as an “activist mother.” Her mission is to help create a world in which little Black boys and girls love what they see when they look in the mirror and are completely free to reach their full potential.

Enola has served as Chair of the Connecticut Commission on Children, and worked for the Children’s Defense Fund, leading its violence prevention program and serving as acting director of its Black Community Crusade for Children.

She is the author of Toward a Renaissance for the African American Family: Confronting the Lie of Black Inferiority, Making the Wounded Whole: Marriage as Civil Right and Civic Responsibility, and lead author of Turning the Corner On Father Absence in Black America: A Statement from the Morehouse Conference on African American Fathers, Our Foundational Covenant: Strengthening the Family, among other publications.

She is married to Stephen L. Carter, and they are the parents of two adult children.

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