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Community Healing Network

in Collaboration with the Association of Black Psychologists


Valuing Black Lives, 1619 – 2019

An Ending and A Beginning

Join us for a Global Summit at the place where the false ideology of White superiority and Black inferiority had its beginnings in the United States.

Together, we will chart a path to healing, and ending, centuries of anti-Black racial trauma.

Defy the Lie. Embrace the Truth.

August 20, 21, and 22, 2019

Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia

The 2019 Valuing Black Lives Global Summit will shine a light on the truth of our humanity as the people of Africa, with a cultural celebration and historical reenactment led by the Elegba Folklore Society that will move and inspire and refresh you. It will immerse you in a mass Emotional Emancipation Circle, a healing experience developed by Community Healing Network and the Association of Black Psychologists, that has been described as “the most significant, tangible, scalable development supporting the mental health of Black people in decades.” 

Let’s come together to honor our ancestors, Let’s come together to see and celebrate our authentic selves. Let’s come together to see and celebrate our authentic selves as Africans–on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Let’s come together to see and recognize, also, how our authenticity and our value as human beings have been challenged by enslavement and colonialism–and their continuing legacies.

Let’s come together to acknowledge that we and our children remain in a centuries-old emotional bondage created by the false narrative—the lie–that Black people are inferior. Let’s come together to free ourselves and our children from the lie—once and for all.

Come to Richmond, Virginia, in August 2019 to Defy the Lie and Embrace the Truth.

August of 2019 will mark the 400th anniversary of the first recorded forced arrival of Africans on U.S. soil–in Virginia in August of 1619. Virginia created a market that supplied the entire deep south with the forced labor of African people. Buying and selling our ancestors was Virginia’s primary business, and Richmond became the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War in order to preserve it. Virginia is where the American version of the lie of Black inferiority was created and nurtured to justify the enslavement, exploitation and dehumanization of African people.

Come to the Valuing Black Lives Global Summit. Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors along the Trail of Enslaved Africans and deepen your understanding of our history.  And strengthen your ability to change the course our history by learning the basics of establishing Emotional Emancipation Circles to help heal the wounds caused by the lie and create a new culture of emotional healing, wellness, and empowerment in your family and community.

Join us this August, in Richmond, Virginia, as we as we honor our ancestors by breaking the power of the lie over us and our children—and put the matter of emotional emancipation—freedom from the lie—at the top of the global African agenda.

What people are saying about Emotional Emancipation Circles: 

“Empowering.” “Liberating.” “Groundbreaking.” “Inspiring.” “Enlightening.” “Healing.”

#DefyTheLie    #EmbraceTheTruth    #ImAfricanBornIn

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
8:45am until 7pm

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
9am until 6pm;
7:30 until 9pm

Thursday, August 22, 2019
9am until 5pm

Virginia Union University
Living and Learning Center
1813-1899 Bath Street
Richmond, Virginia

Midodji (Naky) Gaglo
Midodji (Naky) Gaglo
Founder of the African Lisbon Tour in Portugal
Christy Coleman
Christy Coleman
Chief Executive Officer of the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, VA
Ytasha Womack
Ytasha Womack
Author, filmmaker, and AfroFuturist
Dr. Tawede Cheryl Grills
Dr. Tawede Cheryl Grills
Past President of the Association of Black Psychologists and Leader of
Janine Bell
Janine Bell
Artist and Founder of the Elegba Folklore Society

Community Healing Network’s Global Emotional Emancipation Circle Training Team
The Virginia Emotional Emancipation Circle Youth Conductors – have been working with Elders at the local and state levels to prepare for the Summit, will play a leading role in this intergenerational commemoration of ancestral legacy. They will honor and observe our indigenous healing practices to clear the way for African people throughout the Diaspora to flourish.

We invite you to join us for a first-time EE Circles training or an EE Circles re-training, as version 3.0 of the training is full of powerful new resources!

Participants will leave feeling renewed and empowered to serve as catalysts for emotional emancipation, healing, and wellness in their communities.

Let’s meet in Richmond in August, to commemorate our history, make a decisive break away from the lie, and bring an end to the dehumanization of people of African ancestry.

Let’s free ourselves and our children from the weight of the lie.

Let’s clear the way for Black people all around the world to move beyond surviving to flourish.

EE Circles are culturally relevant. They were created by Black people, for Black people, and are exactly what we need. EE Circles are a ‘community defined evidence practice,’ in other words, they are a healing circle that the Black community says works.

—Dr. Kristee Haggins, Psychologist, Safe Black Space, Sacramento, California

The 2019 EE Circle Conductors will be equipped with:
1) fresh insights about our history and its effects on our emotional lives, and the pathway to healing;

2) concrete emotional wellness skills they can share with their children, families, and neighbors to reduce racial stress and trauma;

3) a new and improved Version 3.0 of the Emotional Emancipation Circles Leader’s Guide and a new Emotional Emancipation Circles Liberation Toolkit to help them establish EE Circles in their homes, faith communities, and local organizations; and

4) access to ongoing support through quarterly EE Circle webinars.


Day 1 – August 20, 2019, 8:45 am – 7 pm

We Are – Remembrance

Exactly 400 years to the day of the forced arrival of Africans in Virginia, we will gather together with sisters and brothers from across the African Diaspora to embark on the Emotional Emancipation Circle healing experience by remembering our past, starting before the horrors of the Middle Passage.

Led by Richmond’s Elegba Folklore Society, we will begin with “The Talking Gourd,” recalling who and whose we were before the Transatlantic Trafficking in African Human Beings. We will then walk the Trail of the Enslaved Africans. From the African arrival point at river’s edge to Shockoe Bottom and the sites of holding pens, jails, blocks, and the African burial ground, Elegba interpreters will tell our story by recounting the narratives of enslaved African men and women.

From the bus and along the walk, we will follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, celebrating their triumphs and acknowledging their pains, especially the unique pains caused by the lie of Black inferiority. We will take time for rituals of forgiveness and healing, and for the declaration of our freedom from the lie in the names of our ancestors and our children.

Day 2 – August 21, 9 am – 6 pm

We Are – Revelation

We will deepen our understanding of the global and multigenerational impact of the lie beginning with a plenary session featuring MidodjiGaglo a.k.a. Naky, Founder of the African Lisbon Tour in Portugal, and Christy Coleman, Chief Executive Officer of the American Civil War Museum We will then launch the formal training of facilitators in the new Version 3.0 of the Emotional Emancipation Circles Leader’s Guide. EE Circles have been described as “life-changing” and “transformative.”

Day 2, August 21, 7:30 pm – 9 pm

We Are – Celebration

We will present the 2019 Community Healer Awards to leaders who are making extraordinary contributions to the global grassroots movement for emotional emancipation through their work at the local level.

Day 3, August 22, 9am – 6 pm

We Are—Forever

We will focus on how we build a future free of the lie. We will be joined by Ytasha Womack, author, and filmmaker, who will start us off with a discussion about AfroFuturism. We will then continue the dynamic, interactive EE Circle training that will prepare us to be catalysts working at the local level for the creation of a new global African future. We will end the day and the Summit with a rousing processional into that African future.

EE Circles are the most significant, tangible, and scalable development supporting the mental health of Black people in decades.

—Dr. Annelle Primm, Psychiatrist, and Convener, All Healers Mental Health Alliance

Accommodations for the 2019 Valuing Black Lives Summit

Community Healing Network has arranged blocks for a limited number of rooms at special rates for a limited time at The Graduate and The Holiday Inn

The Graduate
Rate: $119 per night (Until July 5, 2019)
For booking and information, please call 804-644-9871
Click Here to Book

The Holiday Inn (Richmond)
Rate: $109 per night (until July 20, 2019)
For booking and information, please call 804-788-1600
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