“Greetings Enola:
…I would like to honor you during our July Convention with the ABPsi Presidential Award on behalf of the incredible work you’ve done sparking the movement towards Emotional Emancipation and all of the functional support you’ve provided to me…and The Association in this regard.

You have enriched our work and I have been and continue to learn so much from you in this effort.

Please do me the honor of accepting the 2014 ABPsi Presidential Award.…

In Struggle, Service & Spirit,

Taasogle Daryl Rowe, Ph.D., President, The Association of Black Psychologists

Enola Aird’s Acceptance Letter

“July 19, 2014

Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

I am deeply sorry and disappointed that a health emergency prevents me from being with you this evening. I am touched, honored, and humbled to be the recipient of the 2014 ABPsi President’s Award and I thank you with all my heart. But I also want to share this award with you, ABPsi, for all that you and Dr. Taasogle Daryl Rowe and Dr. Cheryl Tawede Grills have done to build the movement for emotional emancipation.

James Baldwin once said that “we are trapped in history and history is trapped in us.” To which I say, “then let’s plan our escape.”

Four years ago, through the good offices of ABPsi member Dr. Wizdom Powell, I came to ABPsi on behalf of Community Healing Network to ask you to collaborate with us to build a global grassroots movement to help African people overcome and overturn the lie of Black inferiority– and help us heal from the centuries of trauma caused by that lie. I said that we wanted to engage a critical mass of Black people in the United States in this movement by the year 2019, the 400th anniversary of the forced arrival of Africans at Jamestown Colony so that, as a people, we would begin to see ourselves in a whole new light by the year 2020. And bless you hearts, you did not laugh me out of the room. Instead you said that you would join with us to help lead this movement.

And, lead you have. I cannot say enough about the commitment, energy, skill, determination, and love that Dr. Rowe and Dr. Grills have poured into this movement. You have simply been magnificent! So I thank you.

Marcus Garvey said that as a people “we have a beautiful history and in the future we shall create another that will astonish the world.” You–ABPSI– are helping to build a global movement to clear away 400 years of emotional underbrush to lead us to that beautiful future. And you know what? We will do it. Because we are the children of the amazing people who made a way out of no way! I am thrilled to be partnered with you on this exciting journey and I look forward with great anticipation to our next steps together. Thank you.

Peace and blessings,