may 4, 2015

Addressing the root cause of baltimore

"A deep thank you to all our dear brothers and sisters who took the time to join us for this evening's powerful conversation. We are grateful that the group wishes to meet again. The follow-up meeting in this healing space will be held on Thursday, May 14, 6 pm, Urban Business Center, 1200 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore. Looking forward to seeing you then


Addressing the Root Cause of the Unrest in Baltimore
Dealing with Present and Historical Racial Trauma
1. Know that our feelings are real and warranted.
2. Our feelings have emerged out of 400 years of systemic racial oppression rooted in the notion that Black people are inferior to White people.
3. We cannot overcome this oppression overnight, but, as a community of elders and young people, we can work together to free ourselves emotionally--and completely.
4. We need to know the nature and the emotional effects of racial oppression so that we do not fall into traps laid for us by the system--and hurt ourselves.
5. The first step toward healing is to acknowledge the racial trauma and stress that we are under, and work to understand how they affect our feelings, our thinking, and our actions.
6. If we understand how the system of racist oppression affects us, then we can take the necessary steps to short circuit the system.
7. One way to begin to do this is to honestly and sincerely ask ourselves with respect to everything we do, "is this good for me and is this good for Black people?"

If the answer is no, don't do it.