december 17, 2009

end of the year message

Happy Holidays! As we prepare to begin a new year, we at the Community Healing Network, Inc. (CHN) want to thank you again for your support in 2009 and ask you to continue walking with us in 2010 on the path to healing and renewal.

This has been a banner year for CHN. In January, we partnered with the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art for a celebration of the inauguration of President Barack Obama--and the opening of a door to "seeing ourselves in a whole new light.

On June 26, in Tuskegee, Alabama, we launched the Community Healing Institute. One participant described it well as "life-transforming."

On October 16, 17, and 18, we marked the second annual celebration of Community Healing Days, with observances in seventeen cities-- up from three cities in 2008.

On November 7, Dr. Maya Angelou, Chair of CHN's Board of Advisors, led a ground-breaking gathering at the Riverside Church in New York City, featuring Common and Tom Joyner, among others, to introduce CHN to the world.

Here is a link to Dr. Angelou's inspiring November 7 recitation of "Still I Rise."

One of the nearly two thousand people in attendance said it best in an email to the CHN Board: "It was one of the best nights of our lives...Our spirits were lifted so high."

CHN is about lifting--and freeing--the spirits of Black people everywhere. We are working to build the movement for emotional emancipation--to help Black people find release from the internalized myths that too often keep us from reaching our full potential. The celebration of Community Healing Days on the third weekend of every October is our way of encouraging everyone to put "time for healing" on the calendar. Through the Community Healing Institute we are offering workshops and trainings to promote emotional healing and renewal. And through the Community Healer Awards, we are lifting up and honoring women and men who are leaders on the path to community wellness.

In the coming year, we will continue along this exciting path with the launch of the CHN Book and Movie Club, the Community Healing Rites of Passage Program, and a citywide community healing initiative in Tuskegee, Alabama. Please stay with us and help us build this movement, which will transform our communities by transforming how we see--and feel about--ourselves.

You can help by:

1) spreading the word

2) joining CHN online communities on Facebook or Twitter

3) making a tax-deductible contribution by donating.


With your help, CHN will expand and strengthen its movement-building initiatives in the United States and around the world in 2010 and beyond.

Thank you for your support.

Best wishes to you and yours for a 2010 filled with love, healing, and renewal!




Enola G. Aird, Janice M. Jones, Jill Snyder, Antoinette G. Wright, Betty Neal Crutcher, Natalie Roche, Rev. Victor Rogers, Dorthula Green, Wizdom Powell Hammond, and Arthur Evans, members of the Board of Directors, Community Healing Network, Inc.