August 4, 2009

Save the Date for an Evening With Dr. Maya Angelou and Friends


Why are we still talking about "good hair" and "bad hair”?


Chris Rock has done our community--and the world--a big favor by raising the question in his new documentary, "Good Hair”

There are many facets to this issue. But a big part of the answer is the myth of Black inferiority. Too many people, including Black people, across the nation and around the world still think "inferior" when they think Black people. They think "inferior" when it comes to Black hair and too many other aspects of how we look and how we are.

The myth of Black inferiority was first introduced nearly four centuries ago to justify Black enslavement and to control Black people. We have made amazing progress as a people, but the myth of Black inferiority is still weighing us down. It's time to unburden ourselves of it once and for all.

It's time for a change. It's time for us to confront and work to overcome the myth of Black inferiority.

Just think how much more we and our children will be able to accomplish when we finally free ourselves--not only in body, but also mind and spirit.

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